Before you send me comments about this site, first please read the Purpose and Legal Stuff pages.

Read them? Ok.

As I hope I made it clear in the above pages, I am NOT associated with the BSA.  You got a problem with the BSA, its programs or policies, I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT!!!  Go to rec.arts.scouting.issues and other such places for that.

However, if you have information or resources that can contribute to this site, I want to hear about it.  What am I looking for?  Well, first look over the site and check out my Credits page and my Wanted page.  Am I missing pictures of items you have in your possession?  I want them.  Do you have manuals or literature I don't have?  I'd like to get a hold of them if possible or photocopies.  Where you a member of these programs and can provide first hand knowledge of them?  I'd like to hear about it, but be aware that at this point I'm not able to expand this site to areas of detail about units and events and the like.

If you have something to contribute, drop me an email here, and I'll try to reply.  Please don't send me picture files until I ask for them, preferably in JPEG format.

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