On this page I list the various items, references, and images that I would like to obtain to help make this site more complete.  I do keep an eye on eBay and some of the scouting memorabilia dealers to complete my collection of literature, but many times miss things or get outbid by people who I doubt understand the value of the work from a research standpoint.  Maybe if I list my needs here I'll get a better response. Also, I list items I know exist, but need.  There may be other items I'm not aware of that I'd like to get.  Am sure that the National Office (or the Sea Scout/Senior Scout/Explorer Division) produced a lot of stuff over the years that were never distributed thru National Supply.  Would especially like to obtain materials giving more information on the early senior programs (pre-1935).

Information Needs:
Info on early Sea Scout program before the 1925 revamp
Info on Rover program in the US
Info on development of Explorer Scouting
Info on development of Varsity Scouting


Air Scout/Air Explorer Literature:
Air Scouting Development, 1941
Scouting and Aviation, 1941
Tentative [Air Scout] Program Proposals, 1941
Air Scouting #3472
Air Scouts #3476
Air Scouts Contests #4166
Air Scout Leader Training Course Notebook & Guidebook (#4163 & 4164, pub 4/44)
Air Scout Advancement Requirements #3022
Aviation Exploring Uniform & Recognition Guidelines #23-675 (80s)

Explorer Scout/Senior Scout Literature:
Pre-Ranger Training Program (Sept 1943) #9365
Explorer Leader Training Course #4167 (7/48)
Senior Scout Leader Training Course T-10
Trail Expedition Training Course T-410/11-230
Senior Scouting Conference T-25
Senior Scouting Program Notebook 1943, 1944, 1947-48, 1948-49

Emergency Service Literature:
Signal Emergency Units
Scout Emergency Units: First Aid and Signaling
Scout Emergency Units
Emergency Service Training Plan (#3915)
Emergency Service Training Plan Reference Materials (#3925)
Putting the Emergency Service Plan into Action (#??) 1941
Ready- Emergency Service Plan for Explorers
Emergency Service (1985) #6609A, #6609
Fire/Emergency Services #23-327

Sea Scout/Sea Explorer Literature:
Cruising for Sea Scouts
Nautical Scouting (3rd edition) (#3524)
Sea Scout Manual (4th edition) early 20s
Handbook for Crew Leaders, 2nd edition
Sea Scout Service Aids for Leadership Training series 1930s
Sea Scouts Afloat, 1931 #3118
Aids for Sea Scout Leaders, 1931  #3179
How to Organize a Sea Scout Ship, 1931 #3189
What Sea Scouts Do, 1930  #3190
The Sea Scout Patrol, 1930  #3728
The Sea Scout Patrol and How it Holds Scouts in the Troop, 1931 #3728A
The Sea Scout Patrol in a Troop- A Scoutmaster's Opportunity, 1939 #3728A

Lubbers Afloat #3250 (Thomas Keane)
Skipper's Training Course Guidebook #3739
Sea Scout Cruising & Boat Handling Course T-310/11-322
Revised Sea Explorer Advancement Requirements #3233 (1965)
Exploring Techniques- Sea Exploring #6643
A Sail Training Plan for Explorers #23-107
Sea Scout Officers Specialized Training #25-339.
Sea Badge Conference Staff Guide #23-269; Sea Badge Conference CD (2000s)
SEAL syllabi (any)


Explorer Literature:
Explorer Uniform & Insignia #3078 (~1953, have later edition)
Explorer “Citizens Now” Conference Workbook #3046
Exploring Training- Proof Ed- early 50s: Expl Service #3155
Exploring training (NON Proof ed, early 50s): Expl Fundamentals/E Organization #3152;
   Expl Ldrshp #3153; Expl Program #3154; Expl Service #3155; Expedition Skills #3156;
   Notebook for Explorer Leaders #3157
Explorer Blue Ribbon Events (1954, have 1956 edition)
Exploring Council & District Guidebook #3142A
Explorer Officer's Program Notebook  1960-61, 1962-63, 1968-69


Exploring Literature:
Roundtable Helps #3860

Roundtable Helps 1963-64 #3863

Roundtable Helps 1965-66 for Explorers #3867

Roundtable Helps- Exploring #6627
Explorer Leader Training #6602 (70s version)
Explorer Officer Training flip chart #6637
Exploring Leader Development- The Advisor #6619 ?
Exploring Advanced Seminar Guide #6608
Exploring Techniques- Leadership Development #6608
Post Leader Workshop Instructor's Guide #23-277
Exploring Training Team Workshop #23-234
Council Exploring Guide #6648/6648B (#6637)
Council/District Exploring Operations Manual #23-260
Council/District Exploring Committee Workshop #23-876
Exploring Leader Development Experience #6619
The Area Exploring "Roadshow" #23-253
The Area Exploring President's Conference #23-252
EPA #34622
Exploring & Your Youth Ministries #6625
Emergency Service (1985) #6609A, #6609
Fire/Emergency Services #23-327?
Fire Explorer Program Guide #34606
Business #34611 (different number)
Health Career #34628 (different #)
Law #34498 (different #)
Skilled Trades
Emergency Management
Inner City/Rural PH #33145
Explorer Olympics Guide #23-600
Council Explorer Olympics Guide
Post Programming Manual for Medical & Health Career Explorer Posts 23-242 (70s)
Safe Rides Guide

Varsity Scout Leader Fundamentals #33443
Venture/Varsity booklets- Shooting Sports #3457 and Backpacking #33484
Varsity Scout Game Plan v2 #33433/#3433
Varsity Scout Program Notebook 1984, 85, 86, others??
any Varsity literature produced during the experimental periods that I don't already have.

early Powder horn syllabus

Explorer Program Quarterly v4.3 Su 57; v9.1 W61-62; v11.1 W63-64; v11.2 Sp64; v13.2 Sp66 (last issue)  
Exploring v1.2 1971; v2.2 N/D 1972; v5.3,4 1975; v6.1 1976; v7.3,6 1977; v8.5, 6 1978; v9.2,3,5 1979; v16.2,3 1986; v17.1,2 1987; v18.1,2,3 1988; v20.2,3 1990; v22.1,4 1992; v23 1993; v24.1,4 1994; v25.1,4 1996; v27.2 Su 1998
Scouting (too many issues to list)
Sea Scout Log v1-8 1930s
Rover Record, all issues

Understanding Young People #3111
Research reports that lead to the 1935 Senior Scouting program, 1949 Explorer program, and any pre-WWII research on older youth.
course syllabi for Explorer Wood Badge of 1950s, National Senior Crew Leader Training Course, National Explorer Elected Leader Training Course, Explorer Leader Institute
any Rover Scout literature produced in US (Rover Scout Handbook, Rover Scout Leader Handbook, etc)
Senior Degree Honor Society literature: Merit Degree Manual, Honor Degree Ritual, others I don't know about.

Complete set of Senior Scouting Titles, in all background colors.
Assistant Outfit Guide patch (2.5 bars)
1947 National & Local Standard Senior Scout Unit
undated Regional & Local Standard Senior Scout Unit
covers of Senior Scouting Program Notebook for 1944, 1947-48
images of pre-1924 Sea Scouting insignia
cover of Cruising for Sea Scouts
Explorer Scout Advisor and Associate Advisor lapel pins
Explorer Scout Associate Advisor office patch on light green cloth
Rover Scout Mate pin
Rover Scout Crew flag
Air Scout/Explorer Advancement patches without lettering
Air Scout Ace medal with wide center band on ribbon
Air Scout Ace Builder Specialist patch
Senior Degree Honor Society Degree Master and Deputy Degree Master patches
Emergency Service Armband in khaki
Emergency Service in Training oval armband (BSA on lightning bolt)
Explorer Advisor lapel pin in blue & green
Explorer Assistant Advisor lapel and collar pins in green
Air Explorer advancement patches
images of souvenirs for the 1962 & 1968 National Explorer Delegate Conferences
Exploring Cabinet Advisor office strip
images of patches for the 1978, 1979, 1981 National Explorer President's Congress
images of patches for the 1986, 1988, 1990, 1992 National Explorer Conference
images of patches for the 1994, 1996, 1998 National Explorer Leadership Conference
first Explorer Achievement Award pin (Big E with fdl)
Explorer Post Committee and Associate Advisor office strips on tan
Exploring Key pin with Big E w/FDL and Big E on line
Exploring Training Award pin with Big E w/FDL
Spurgeon Award pins
cover images for Explorer Leader Handbooks
Aviation Exploring Basic and Advanced Aeronautics badges
Aviation Exploring insignia with Big E on line IF THEY EXIST
image of Varsity Scout experiemental uniforms
images of Philmont Venturing training patches
images of Sea Scout/Sea Explorer staff patches from past National Jamborees.
images of flags: Air Scout & Air Explorer Squadrons, Explorer Scout Post, Explorer Post of 90s (Big E on line), Senior Scout Outfit, Rover Crew
images of ELI gavels
images of National Sr. Crew Leader Training Course & National Explorer Elected Training Course patches from both Philmont & Schiff

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