Varsity Scout Requirements
1. Be a registered Varsity Scout
2. While a Varsity Scout, actively participate in or accomplish (to the satisfaction of the Coach) each of the following types of Varsity Scout activities:
   a. Advance one rank on the trail to Eagle, or be an Eagle Scout
   b. Participate in a recognized, high-adventure activity
   c. Participate in or accomplish each of the following personal development activities
       1) Hold a leadership position in Varsity Scouting for at least 3 months (or complete the Varsity Scout leadership course(
       2) A spiritual activity.
       3) A citizenship activity
       4) A social or cultural activity
       5) A personal physical development activity or play an accumulated 20 minutes of athletic competition at school or in Varsity Scouting.
  d. Participate in one or more organized Varsity Scout service projects requiring an accumulated 8 hours of time, or perform and record at least 10 individual Good Turns.
  e. Participate in a recognized Varsity Scout special program or event.
3. Have an attendance record at Varsity Scout meetings (team meetings and activity meetings) of 75 percent for 3 consecutive months.
4. Satisfy the team captain that the candidate knows and tried to live the Varsity Scout Pledge.

Varsity Scout Leader Requirements
1. TRAINING. Complete the three basic sessions of Varsity Scout leader basic training: Introduction to Varsity Scouting, Varsity Scouting Leadership, The Varsity Scout Program.
2. HUDDLE (ROUNDTABLE) Complete six huddle (roundtable) sessions
3. TENURE. Serve a minimum of 6 months as a registered Varsity Scout leader

Source: 1980 Varsity Scout Leader Guidebook