Updates to this web site:

10/23/2009 Mainly cleanup and fixes. Took care of problems on the Venturing and Kodiak pages. Been slowly uploading files to the Archive, which I have to do from home with the slower connection I have there. Arggh. I hope by the end of the weekend to finish the bulk of the uploads to the Archives.

10/22/2009 Again, a too long overdue update. Site has been moved due to the closing of Geocities to its own domain. This has allowed me more space to (finally) upload my archive of scans, and create a whole subsection just for that. Updates to Venturing & Nature of Leadership pages. Planned NEW pages (hopefully within the next week) for Mentoring Others and National Youth Leadership Society, and further updates to Venturing & Sea Scout pages. Due to coming changes in youth leadership training, I'll have to update pages to bring these changes to this site.


Again, a too long overdue update of Venturing pages, now updated with post- 2005 National Meeting info & post-Jambo info.  My planned updates still stand, but haven't been able to obtain the information I want.

10/05/2004 Long overdue update of many pages on our FIFTH ANNIVERSARY!  New data on the Venturing & Nature of Leadership pages.  Updates on a few others.  I've gone thru Sea Badge, but the PH course I was going to staff got postponed a year.  Still haven't been to PTC.  My planned updates/additions are in the area of pre-1924 Sea Scouts, cards, PH & Flintlock, Kodiak/Kodiak-X, and basic adult training for all senior programs (air, sea, explorer scouting, etc).

11/26/2003 Minor updates to many pages.  Revamp of Nature of Leadership page.  Venturing pages up to date, with new info on the program.  New links on Rockwell & Csatari pages.  Updates on Rover page.  Still working on a revamp of the pre-1924 Sea Scout page, plus another on cards.  In the coming year I hope to go thru Sea Badge and staff a Powder Horn course.  Still haven't been to PTC yet.

Our Fourth Anniversary.

02/04/2003 Minor updates.  Will be down at the Sea Base for Venturing training soon.

11/15/2002 Minor updates.  Finally been to Powder Horn.  Planning a new page on training courses.  Another on cards may be a little further out.

This site is now three years old.  Wow.

10/09/2002 Minor updates, mainly fixing links to the BSA website that broke due to their changing their URL.

09/13/2002 Finally got last remaining set of requirements I needed: the post 1947 Air Scout requirements.  Updates to Rover page, as I have obtain new information on the program in the US. Minor updates otherwise.

08/20/2002 Minor updates, most relating to Venturing at PTC.  Found an image of the BSA Rambler badge, which is on the Rover page.

06/11/2002 Updates mainly on the Venturing page.  New Bronze medal pictures, new Venturing Cabinet, 2002 VLA Awards.

05/17/2002 Updates mainly on the Venturing page.  Fixed links to Scouting articles on-line since the web address changed.

03/29/2002 Lots of minor updates to several pages, mainly Venturing, Varsity Scouts, Credits, Wanted and the training pages.

03/20/2002 Created a new page on the National Explorer Elected Leader Training Courses held at Philmont and Schiff back in the 1950s.  Created a new Wanted page to list literature and images I'd like to get. Adding new links to the Links page, and minor updates to Flag page.

02/28/2002 Several minor updates prior to submission of my USA Doctoral Thesis.  Some recent events in Sea Scouts and Venturing have updated those pages.  New info on Rover Scouts.  If there is enough space, I may make my thesis available from the website.

12/21/2001 A few of minor updates.  Have a complete list of the 2001 National Venturing Leadership Award.  Have created a new page for Sea Scout Advanced Leadership Training course, and moved NOLT and SEAL to a new section for National-level youth training courses.  My intention is to 'freeze' the website at this point, which will form the basis of my USA Doctoral Thesis, making it version 1.0, if you will.  Starting in 2002, everything will be an update to this version.

12/04/2001 Lots of overdue minor updates.  Some new pictures, new info picked up at National Jamboree.  See the Venturing page for the Venturing Rainforest patch set picture.  Have also created a separate page for the new Nature of Leadership Treks, and will update as new info is available.

06/16/2001 Lots of minor updates on several pages.  Have the new National Venturing youth officers listed.  New info in Varsity Scouts.  Am continuing to do research and re-write some of the sections of many pages.  Again, this is being done in preparation for my USA Doctoral Thesis.

An article on Varsity Scouting, based on my Varsity Scout page, has been submitted to the International Scouting Collectors Association (of which I am a member) for publication in their Journal.  I hope to see it in an upcoming issue.  If this goes well, I may turn other pages into future articles.

05/11/2001 Ran spell checking against the whole site and fixed alot of errors. Have also added Sea Scout requirements from the 30s and the 60s, as well as links to current requirements hosted by the Sea Scouts, BSA site. This was done in preparation of turning this site into my USA Doctoral Thesis.

04/26/2001 Lots of minor updates on several pages.

03/21/2001 Thanks to James Wells, have added list of past recipents of National Venturing Leadership Award.

03/20/2001 New data on ELI.  Updated Aviation Exploring with more pictures.  Added info on additional awards to the Exploring69-98 and Venturing pages. Minor updates elsewhere.  I have started to create my page on Unit Flags.  Am still looking for picture files of various flags here.  Can you help?

03/15/2001 Minor updates of the Sea Scout/Sea Explorer pages.  New info on Rover crews in that page.  New stuff happing in Varsity Scouts and Venturing, so those pages has been updated.  Updates of Emergency Service and Aviation Exploring. Am thinking about a page on unit Flags.  Any one with info??

02/13/20001 Major updates of many of the Sea Scout/Sea Explorer pages.  Many images are links from insignia at the National Sea Scout site.  I don't consider these pages complete, as there are some images I want to scan in, and get more data up there, but its getting closer to what I'd like to see.  Also, minor updates of some other pages as well.

02/05/2001 More minor updates.  Have corrected NEI to ELI.  Am thinking of also adding Varsity Scout Wood Badge.  Anyone have info on ELI and VSWB to share?

Also, I have recently added this site to various search engines and more web rings.  Hopefully this will lead to an increase in viewers.

01/26/2001 Lot of updated for the new year/century/milennium!!  New items have come out for Venturing and Varsity Scouts.  It appears we are seeing a new emphasis on the Varsity Scout program.  And Venturing (along with Sea Scouts) is still going strong.

In other areas, I have new pictures in the Exploring (1959-68) and Exploring (1969-98) pages.  Still more pictures I'd like to get.  Minor updates in several other pages as well.

11/03/2000 Minor updates.  Adding information to the statistics tables on many of the Sea/Air Scouts and Explorer pages, thanks to some new BSA Annual reports I recently got.

Created new pages for 4 National training programs: Explorer Wood Badge, Sea Badge, Powderhorn, and National Explorer Institute.  This pages are very rough.  I need information on these program to fill it.  Can you help?

10/27/2000 A lot of new picture files on the Explorer Scout and Explorer pages, as well as a smattering of new pictures on others.  We have passed our one year anniversary for this site.

10/17/2000 Thanks to a recent article by Dave Eby, soon to appear in the ASTAReport, I have added much new information on the Senior Degree Honor Society.  Information is not complete on this group (neither of us have seen the Honor Degree Ritual), but this is the most information on this group in print to this day.

10/16/2000 Lot of updates.  Have added in the pages for Career Awareness Exploring and Aviation Exploring.  These are still rough.  Added more literature to the Emergency Preparedness page.  And pictures to several others.  I will be doing an update on the Senior Degree Honor Society soon, thanks to new info I've received.

9/7/2000 Lot of minor updates.  Now have images of all the Explorer Scout Honors patches, plus several other new items.

8/31/2000 Obtained a photocopy of the Merit Degree Ritual, which allowed me to expand the information I have on the Senior Degree Honor Society.  Some minor updates on the Venturing page after new information was made available.  Also minor updates on Senior Scouts, Air Scouts, Explorer Scouts, and Exploring pages as well.

6/21/2000 Minor fixes to Rockwell and Csatari pages, and fixed the webring info on front page.

6/19/2000 Added a page devoted to the Boy Scout calenders of Norman Rockwell that include Senior Scouts from all programs.  One on Joseph Csatari, his success in this area, has also been created.

6/16/2000 More images on Varsity Scout and Venturing pages.

6/1/2000 Lots of little updates.  Now have images of the Ranger Award! And a better image of the second Ace Medal.  Both can be seen on the front page.  Also, some new info on the Venturing and Varsity pages.  Also updated were Emergency Service, Air Explorers, and Venture/Varsity.

3/31/2000 A lot of little updates in various pages.  Some correction/expansion of the early days of Varsity Scouts.  New pictures on Air Scouts/Air Explorer pages, and other pages as well.

3/8/2000 Some updates to Venturing and Sea Scouting pages, as well as some expansion to the Sea Exploring page for 1966.

3/3/2000 Some minor updates to Venturing and Sea Scouting pages, due to some minor new info.

2/23/2000 Since new publications have come out for Venturing and Sea Scouting, have updated those pages. Also, some new images on the Senior Scout and Explorer Scout pages and new information about National Exploring events on those pages, as well as a listing of some of the National Explorer Presidents. A lot of little updates on a lot of pages.

1/4/2000 Not a whole lot of updates.  Some new pictures and info.  Have updated Senior Scout, Senior Scout in Troop, Air Scout, Rover Scout, Explorer Scout pages.

11/22/99 Lots of updates.  Requirements for Air Scout advancement used before 1946, Air Explorer advancement & Ratings used from 1954-65, and Explorer Scout advancement have been added.

In addition, many new pictures placed.  Have pictures of almost all the medals on the index page, just missing the original Ranger Award medal.  Updates on the following pages: Explorer Scouts, Explorers, Exploring (1959-68), Exploring (1968-98), Air Scouts, Air Explorers, Senior Scouts, Senior Boy Scouts, Senior Degree Honor Society, Varsity Scouts, Leadership Corps, Venturing, LFL/Exploring, Seascouts (1912-24), (1924-49), and Sea Explorers (1949-65).

The Senior Boy Scout, Explorer Scouts in the Troop, Venture/Varsity, and Leadership Corps pages are "complete" and others are close.

11/10/99 Lots of updates added.  Requirements for all Senior Scout Titles have been added. Preliminary pages for SeaScouts (1912-24) and (1924-49) have been put up.  Please realise that these pages are still in development. Fixes, updates, and new pictures on the following pages: Explorer Scouts, Explorers, Exploring (1959-68), Exploring (1968-98), Rover Scouts, Air Scouts, Air Explorers, Senior Scouts, Senior Degree Honor Society, Varsity Scouts, Leadership Corps, Venturing, LFL/Exploring, and opening page.

10/29/99 Added requirements for the 1950 Explorer awards and ratings strips.  Minor fixes/additions to Exploring (1969-98), Emergency Service, Explorers, and Explorers in the Troop.

10/28/99 New images added to Emergency Service, Venture/Varsity, and Varsity Scout pages.  Almost have a complete set of Emergency Service images.

10/27/99 Updates to Rover page and Venturing page.  Links from the Venturing page to requirements pages for the new Venturing Awards at the US Scouting Service project have been added.

10/26/99 Added requirements for the Explorer Scouts Honor awards,  Senior Scout Titles, and the Varsity Scout Letter. Minor fixes to Exploring pages (1959-68) and (1969-98), Emergency Service, and Varsity Scouts pages.  New references added to the credit page.

10/25/99 Added the special Exploring requirements for Eagle that existed in the 60s.  Added the requirements for Standard Explorer Unit awards.  Added some of the Emergency Service Corps/Explorer requirements to the Emergency Service programs page.  Minor updates to Varsity Scouts page, along with minor cleanup of many pages.

10/21/99 Updates of both Exploring pages (1959-68) and (1969-98), the Venturing page, the Sea Scouts (1998-on) and Sea Explorers (1966-98),  Explorers and Explorer Scouts pages, and the Senior Scouts page. Created Emergency Service page.  Joined the Venturing web ring. Added a counter to begining page.

10/20/99 Web site announced to Scouts-L and Venture mailing lists, as well as U.S. Scouting Service project.  Any changes to pages will be recorded here from now on.  Slight change in Overview page.

10/18/99 Web site created on Yahoo, initial pages uploaded after being created over a week's time.

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