Senior Scout Titles

1. Select one of the fields below and in consultation with his adult leader and the approved Merit Badge Counselors in that field:
2. Develop a plan of personal interest which will involve the securing of certain Merit Badges in that field (five is suggested as a reasonable number) and also advanced work in one or more of those Merit Badge subjects beyond the Merit Badge requirements as set forth.
3. Plan and carry out a service project in this field which involves the skills attained in meeting the requirements for the Merit Badges. This service project may be for the home, church, school, unit, neighborhood, or community.
4. Report to the adult leader and unit the following:
   a. If it is a vocational field, report the preparation involved before employment can usually be secured, the general abilities an individual must have in order to succeed in the vocation and the chances for employment at the present time.  This presentation should include, either in written or oral form, an outline of the general knowledge the Scout has of the field, and his appreciation of what is involved in pursuing it as a life work.
   b. If it is an avocational or hobby field, report the general skills involved, the cost of materials and the general satisfaction derived from the activity.

Merit Badge Fields
Airman: Aerodynamics, Aeronautics, Airplane Design, Airplane Structure, Electricity, Radio, Weather.
Artisan: Architecture, Automobiling, Aviation, Blacksmithing, Carpentry, Chemistry, Electricity, Foundry Practice, Machinery, Masonry, Rocks and Minerals, Plumbing, Radio, Safety, Surveying.
Artist: the general field of art or any of the special phases: Architecture, Dramatics, Indian Lore, Landscape Gardening, Music, Painting, Pottery, Photography, Sculpture.
Citizen: Civics, Public Health, Personal Health, Firemanship, Public Speaking, First Aid, Pathfinding, First Aid to Animals, Safety, Conservation, Finger Printing.
Conservartionalist: Conservation, First Aid, Forestry, Grasses Legumes and Forage Crops, Life Saving, Nut Culture, Personal Health, Physical Development, Public Health, Safety, Soil Management, Weather.
Craftsman: the general field of crafts or any of the following special subjects: Basketry, Bookbinding, Carpentry, Cement Work, Foundry Practice, Handicraft, Leathercraft, Masonry, Metal Work, Plumbing, Pottery, Printing, Woodcarving, Wood Turning, Wood Work.
Dairyman: Conservation, Corn Farming, Dairy Farming, Farm Home and Its Planning, Farm Layout and Building Arrangement, First Aid to Animals, Forestry, Landscape Gardening, Public Health, Small Grains and Cereal Foods, Soil Management, Weather.
Farm Manager: Agriculture, Bee Keeping, Cotton Farming, Farm Home and Its Planning, Farm Layout and Building Arrangement, Farm Mechanics, Farm Records and Bookkeeping, Forestry, Gardening, Landscape Gardening, Poultry Keeping, Salesmanship, Soil Management.
Woodsman (later called Forester): Camping, Canoeing, Conservation, Cooking, Forestry, Hiking, Marksmanship, Pioneering, Stalking, Weather, First Aid, Public Health, Personal Health.
Gardener: Agriculture, Bee Keeping, Botany, Citrus Fruit Culture, Farm Records and Bookkeeping, Forestry, Fruit Culture, Gardening, Landscape Gardening, Nut Culture, Soil Management, Weather.
Journalist: Journalism, Printing, Interpreting, Art, Photography, Dramatics, Reading, Scholarship, Salesmanship, Business.
Livestockman: Animal Industry, Beef Production, Blacksmithing, Dairying, Dog Care, Farm Home and Its Planning, Farm Layout and Building Arrangement, First Aid to Animals, Grasses Legumes and Forage Crops, Hog and Pork Production, Horsemanship, Sheep Production, Soil Management.
Naturalist: Agriculture, Angling, Astronomy, Bee Keeping, Bird Study, Botany, First Aid to Animals, Forestry, Gardening, Indian Lore, Insect Life, Photography, Reptile Study, Stalking, Taxidermy, Zoology.
Poultryman: Agriculture, Conservation, Farm Home and Its Planning, Farm Layout and Building Arrangement, First Aid, Forestry, Gardening, Landscape Gardening,  Personal Health, Pigeon Raising, Poultry Keeping, Public Health, Safety.
Radioman: Radio, Electricity, Signaling, Metal Work, Weather, Chemistry, Mechanical Drawing, Astronomy.
Seaman: Angling, Canoeing, First Aid, Life Saving, Radio, Rowing, Seamanship, Signaling, Swimming, Weather.
Sportsman: Angling, Archery, Canoeing, Conservation, Hiking, Rowing, Stalking, Swimming, Physical Development, Athletics, Skiing, Horsemanship

Source: 1941 edition of Guide Book to Senior Scouting & 1946 edition of Explorer Scout Manual