Senior Scouting in the Troop

The basic idea for the use of Senior Scouting programs in the troop was to use the Explorer Scout, Sea Scout, and later Air Scout programs to keep the interest of older Boy Scouts involved with their troop and scouting.  By this way, they could keep the boys in leadership positions in the troop and provide them with a more advanced program as well. In many ways this grow out of the idea of Sea Scout Patrols in troops that was used in the early 30s.

In using Senior Scouting, boys would form Patrols (later to be called Crews to conform to the various terms used in the Senior Scouting program) devoted to Explorer/Sea/Air Scouting.  They could wear the distinctive uniform of the Senior Scouting program they were involved in, as well as wear their Troop position.  There would be an adult in charge who would serve the same position as Explorer Scout Advisor/Sea Scout Skipper/Air Scout Leader, and would use that name.

In all things, these boys would follow the same program as the Senior Scouts.  Working on the same awards, doing the same activities.

For more information about these specific programs, including uniform, awards, and literature, see the Explorer Scout, Sea Scout, and Air Scout pages.

With changes in some of the Senior Scout programs in 1946, the use of Senior Scouting in the troop was discontinued.  Later on, under the new Explorer program in 1949, it would be revised as the new Explorer program in the troop program.

And in a small way, these programs would inspire later programs like the Leadership Corps and Venture/Varsity programs.

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