Here are some recommended links and on-line resources to visit.  These are only a few that are out there, limited to the Senior Scouting programs.

Official web sites

Boy Scouts of America

Order of the Arrow

Sea Scouts, BSA

Venturing Info  (Official Venturing Division information site)

National Venturing Cabinet

National Quartermaster Association

Learning for Life/Exploring

Volunteer sites

U.S. Scouting Service Project

Scouter Net Compass

Venturing Electronic Magazine

Venturing On-line

Other Honor Societies   (Firecrafters, Mic-O-Say, and more)

International Scouting Collectors Association  (ISCA)

Discussion Lists

Scouts-L One of the best general Scouting discussion list

Venturinglist Venturing Yahoo! Group dedicated to discusion of Venturing Crews and Sea Scout Ships.  Replaces the now defunct Venturing list.

Venturing US Scouting Service Project's Venturing list.  Also replaces the now defunct Venturing list.

Explorer-Net  Discussion list for the Exploring program.


rec.arts.scouting.usa  This group is for discussing BSA and GSUSA-related program issues.

rec.arts.scouting.issues This group is for discussing policy issues.

Updated: 04/07/2005mrb