Explorer Scout Honors

First Honors
1. Have not less then 90 days service and participation in the activities of the Explorer Scout Post
2. Submit evidence that he has read since becoming a member of the Post, the life of at least one great explorer, scientist, inventor or statesman.
3. Present the equipment made by him and prescribed by the Post.
4. Present a plan for pursuing some field of activity selected from the Merit Badge groupings and show evidence that he has progressed toward its achievement since becoming a member of the Explorer Scout Post.
5. Participate in at least three official activities of the Patrol in at least one of which he had some major responsibility such as photographer, naturalist, historical recorder, etc.
6. Present to the Adult Leader of the Post a code of conduct as exemplified in the Scout Oath and Law, which he has himself devised and which he is trying to put into practice while a member of the Post.  This code is retained by the Explorer Leader and may come up for periodic personal review between the Explorer Leader and the Explorer involved.

Second Honors
1. Complete his work for one of the special Merit Badge groups there by attaining his Senior Scout title.
2. Have had satisfactory participation in the meetings and other activities of the Post as a First Honor Member for a period of at least six months.
3. Participate in at least three additional expeditions sponsored by other Explorer Scouts.
4. Develop a program of personal growth and advancement involving intellectual and spiritual elements and looking toward a life plan.
5. Review the code he has submitted to the Explorer Leader and make any changed necessary in the light of the increased experience as an Explorer Scout.

Source: slightly modified from what is found in the Guide Book of Senior Scouting, #3442, 1941