Joseph Csatari and Senior Scouting

Joseph Csatari is pretty much Rockwell's successor for the Boy Scout Calendars.  Since 1977 he has done 24 so far.

However, very few of his paintings depict Explorers or Venturers.  Perhaps this will change with the new emphasis on the Venturing and revitalized Sea Scouts programs.

All images are copyright the Boy Scouts of America.  Most image files are links from Steve Henning's Web page. He has most of the Csatari prints there, as well as lots more interesting stuff about scouting.

1976 The New Spirit1976 The New Spirit.  The youth in the back is an Explorer in forest green.

Happy 90th Birthday2000 Happy 90th Birthday  The two youth in back in green are Venturers.  They look alot like the two Venturers we see in certain photos.  Most likely they modeled for this painting.  I know that the young man is Sylvester Tan, who received the first Venturing Silver Award, one of the first National Venturing Leadership Award, and has received the Young American Award.  Don't know who the young lady is.  Can you help?

Out of the Past, Into the Future2000 Out of the Past, Into the Future.  Young lady to the side in the green shirt is a Venturer. [Note: this was done for the BSA Endowement, not as a calender print]

Dreams Can Become a Reality2004 Dreams Can Become a Reality.  This year's picture focuses on the Venturing Program.

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