Career Awareness Explorers (1982-98)

In 1982, a new version of Explorers were created.  This program was created as an after school program to introduce kids to various careers.  Many confuse it with Explorer Posts with a career-oriented emphasis, like Law Explorers, Law Enforcement Explorers, and the like, but the programs are separate.  Career Awareness Explorers paid a lower fee, did not having any uniforming, and had little, if any Post organization. Also, some use the abbreviation of "CAW" when referring to this group, when the correct abbreviation is "CAE".  "CAW" refers to the old Compass-Anchor-Wings Explorer logo of the 50s.  As shown above, this program uses a stylized "CAE" as its logo.

In 1998, with the split of Exploring between Learning for Life and the new Venturing program, the Career Awareness Explorers were moved to Learning for Life.

Basically, this program was a sort of after school club aimed at exploring careers.  There was no advancement or awards of any kind.

No uniform or insignia was created for this program

Am not aware of any literature being created for this program.

Updated: 04/30/2001mrb